Deep House: Henri – Last Dance (feat. Imogen Rose)

Following her release by Anjunadeep, DJ, producer and songwriter HENRI is back with a new release by Monstertooth, Last Dance, featuring Imogen Rose in the vocals. Not the usual pop style of deep house such as Disclosure, but a more obscure one, deep, with moody piano arpeggios and bass lines full of saturation. Finely matched with Imogen Rose’s ethereal vocal.

Last dance has been feature in Synths of Eden Spotify playlist:

Dream Pop: FMFL – Functional Music for Lovers (Album)

Today we’re again talking about Brazilian-born producer Adam Matschulat and his debut album as FMFL. His first singles have been covered by this blog in March, such as Hear my Heart, when we also interviewed him about his plans for 2018, such as releasing an album as FMFL. The album got released a little later than expected and with less tracks than promised; yet, it is a special material that cannot go unnoticed by Synths of Eden. In fact, FMFL’s album comes out as something dark, impressive and delicate at the same time. A mixture of Adam’s feelings with a blend of trip-hop, summed by a Björk style of experimentation.

Adam lives in London where he writes, records and produces “Functional Music for Lovers” in his own home studio, released by RESTERECORDS. Clearly the album has been written in a hard period for Adam and you can tell it by the melancholy that takes over throughout the tracks. Of course, it is not only about melancholy and suffering, even though most of the tracks take this route, it is clear the different shades, some more hopeful, others more neutral.

FMFL explores simple melodies and bright synth lines that bring back Adam’s childhood with a sense of nostalgia tinged melancholy. The track “I Don’t Know What to Do” is a good example of an introspective melancholic state that is counterbalanced by “Lost Love Songs” a much more uplifting track.

The album itself is filled with synthetic textures, calm, delicate and worm vocal lines that provide us with peace, drive by compelling drum patterns. Somehow, it makes us feel as if we’re in a deep slumber, numb to the reality, especially in the track “Up to the Sky” the wheezing sounds makes you wake up briefly, so you know you are still breathing.

The album closes with “Hear my Heart”, the song that we talked about back in March. Which talks about the connection between listeners and music. Plus, how it is translated to the connection between people. All of it in a bright-melancholic way.

By collaborators Wallace & Igor

Lost Love Songs has been featured in our playlist Synths of Eden:

New Playlist: Psychedelic Waves of Eden

Starting with 50 tracks, the idea is to grow this number, for now we are aiming to 70.

A playlist full of trippy rock tracks. Psychedelic Waves of Eden wants to provide you with the best selection of modern psychedelic rock, shoegaze and stoner rock curated by the music blog Synths of Eden.

Art by Olga Sergeeva

New Electronic: Drinker – Fragment II

How fleeting and elusive to feel fulfilled in such a strange world. When you search for it in another person and look at what you find, it never feels like what you expected, so you search for something new. You look inside, you think you find it, but when you come back out, it just fades into the noise around you.

Listening to Drinker, the first think that comes in my mind thinking about all the material covered by the blog is British producer Yuki Ame. Though Drinker is an project created in USA, its style reminds British post-bubstep or UK Bass, such as Mount Kimbie, also featured here before with their 2010 album Crooks and Lovers.

Drinker is a project of singer/songwriter Aaron Mendelsohn and producer/composer Ariel Loh. Fragment II is the second single from their upcoming debut LP “Fragments”.

Fragments II has been featured in Synths of Eden:


New Psych-Folk: Grace Gillespie – Lady Make Believe // England

“It’s often misunderstood as a love song or breakup song, but I see it as more of a dialogue with myself, trying to keep everything together and find time for my own music. ”

Released this Friday in all streaming platforms Lady Make Believe // England is a single from Grace Gillespie, that mixes her pretty voice with a trippy psychedelic folk style. The first thing that came to my mind listening her was the 2011 album of the year according to Mercury Prize, Let England Shake by PJ Harvey, that follows this style of folk still being highly influenced by rock. The first track, Lady Make Believe,  is the best example of that, while the second track England is purely folk, Bob Dylan style, which is similar to her first single Restoration.

“I wrote ‘England’ in the fall out after Brexit, once I had got my thoughts in order. I feel like that track had been coming for a long time however, a kind of growing sense of disappointment in the decisions the country was making politically, but also my own personal feeling of disillusionment about what it meant to be British.”

Grace Gillespie is an artist based in London, originally from southern England Devon. She spent her 2017 touring with a band called Pixx. Her first release Restoration was well acclaimed by critics, being featured in several different playlists and radios. Her newest Lady Make Believe is being featured in our Synths of Eden playlist:

Synthwave in Eden: 50L1D – Reprise

Newest Synthwave in Eden feature comes from Colombia, Bogotá, 50L1D  and Reprise. Heavy synthwave, with distorted leads entering in between the arps. Good instrumentals, danceable yet aggressive. You can also check his other releases in Bandcamp, besides purchasing the tracks.

As much as for Synths of Eden, Synthwave in Eden will grow up to 70 tracks instead of its current 50. Being Reprise the track 51 now.


Electro: JohnT – Kalibr

The highly creative and productive JohnT comes out again with a new track Kalibr. French producer from Marseille , previously featured here (read for bio) with Ferkop, a techno inspired track, yet innovative. As for Kalibr, it’s a very danceable electro, Streets of Rage style, with a groove.

It’s also the newest feature of Synths of Eden:


Electronic Discovery: NÖMAK – Weight Loss Program – EP

By collaborators Igors & Wallace

Are you familiarized with the concept of the Schrodinger Cat? It is nothing more than quantum mechanics in which a cat is put insight a box with a glass of poison and then the box is closed. Is the cat alive or dead? None, he is an alive-dead cat. “What does this have to do with music?” you might ask. Well, the answer is Nömak.

Resultado de imagem para Weight Loss Program EP

Nicolas is a French musician that has been putting out his tracks for almost 10 years, and frankly, nothing sounds the same. The track entitled Schrodinger Cat from the Weight Loss Program EP will serve as a sample of it. The short speech that shows up after the introduction this of this mostly electronic track make sure to emphasise the idea behind the EP:

“[…] by loading up on healthy foods like low glycemic vegetables and large portions of protein you can help curb your cravings and give your body a healthy start to the year.”

The track itself is divided in two parts which aim to describe life and death (after the theory), the first half is cheerful and if you close your eyes you may even see colours dancing under your eyelids. However, everything dies after the speech, as a poisonous consequence, and the track follows this rule, being alive and dead at the same time amidst its apex, followed by a time of silence during more than one minute, then becoming death in the second part, finishing as a downtempo second half, with string-style synths, keys and long pads, full of bass drums.

New Release: Baird – The Library of Bible

The Library of Bible is a must listen if you like original electronic music, not only electronic of course, but music itself (the one recorded on a studio), that goes beyond the boundaries of genre. This track is divided in five parts, with its 7:42 of length, it’s hard to describe what Baird does, it’s seems like a big musical adventure that can be everything in less than 10 minutes. Baird is responsible for the performance and recording of vocals, piano, guitar and percussion, which were mixed by him as well, but expect a lot of synthesizers as well. Released by Majestic Casual Records.

It is also the newest feature of Synths of Eden, which from now on will grow until it reaches up to 70 tracks instead of its currently 50.