Dub Techno: Dystopian Soundscapes – Ikigai

“It comes on slow & strong like mescaline. There’s elements of tech noir, world music, ray gun gothic and post-dust. It exudes an ‘authentic’ futuristic urban vibe.”

If there’s a good combination between two genres of music that has impressive results this is dub-techno. Today we present you Vancouver based Dystopian Soundscapes and Ikigai, released by Superordinate Dub Waves. This is only a taste of Dystopian Soundscapes works, as he’s currently with several releases on his back, all called DSXXX, as if it was a catalogue of a label. You can check more of his productions on his Bandcamp or Soundcloud profile. His music enters our ears as hallucinogenic substances. The specifics of techno and dub’s psychedelia strike us altogether as one single matter.

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Disco: Cavego – Kjeiken

Named after the famous Gudbrandsdalen Valley, an iconic location in Norwegian literature and culture and where Cavego’s family have long kept a cabin, the EP’s genesis began last spring when he returned to the place he spent his formative years to collect the sounds of running creeks, birdsong, the wind in the grass and create music based on his childhood experiences.

Recently released by the Belgian Eskimo RecordingsGudbransdalen EP brings us 6 tracks of the best of synthesizers on disco music. Produced by Norwegian Cavego (Even Hymer Gillebo), it is obviously compared with other Norwegian predecessors on the genre, such as Lindstrøm, Prins Thomas and Todd Terje by Eskimo Recordings itself.  Kjeiken has beautiful synthesizers, with a super sound design, bright, delicate, melodic and highly appropriate for the dance floor.

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New Electronic: eschaton don – party bots

Party Bots by Eschaton Don, from United States’ mid-west. Full of dreamy and wide bass tunes.  It sounds alike a videogame soundtrack. Party Bots provides a high state of mind feeling, you can even close your eyes and imagine how there would be a party full of robots hanging around, dancing or providing extra services for extreme right wing politicians on social media with electronic music. Somehow it sounds heavily influenced by electronic music mixed with instrumental hip hop. Its drop makes me thing about chill out electronic from the 90s, but carrying with it imposing low sounds. It has been released by Teknofonic Recordings.

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Psychedelic Rock: Cursive – It’s Gonna Hurt

This is the third single off Cursive’s upcoming album Vitriola, out October 5th on 15 Passenger Records. The lyrics don’t have a very psychedelic context behind it, but the instrumentals and the way it evolves, the energy put behind, plus the whole arrangement and instrumentals make it a true psychedelic rock track, with many influences of 90s rock, for sure.

“This song is about watching those closest to you as they seem to deliberately self-destruct. How we find it hard to forgive them for it, but also how we carry the blame for it.” – Tim Kasher

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Psychedelic Rock: Voodoo Beach – Ozean

“It took me some time to leave my comfort zone of singing in English and to give my mother-tongue a shot. “Wahn” was the first song I wrote where it felt like it all worked and sounded natural. The band also seemed to find their sound with that song also, an 80’s German post-punk bass and drums sound seemed to catch with us all and we knew we were on the right road. John [the bassist] helped me write the lyrics so I could concentrate on finding a fluid and soft vocal sound that isn’t too German. It wasn’t easy but we discovered ourselves as a band through that process”. Verita Vi

Voodoo Beach is band from Berlin that recently released their Ozean EP, on 26th October. The EP has in total 5 tracks, with songs containing lyrics in German, which makes it even cooler. Ok English is nice and understandable, but it’s oversaturated and it never makes the same sense  as if a native speaker is singing, which can also make me think about Boogarins and how the fact that they sing in Portuguese is so important for the psychedelic rock scene in Brazil, event though they release by a US-label. Y

Listening Voodoo Beach you should pay attention to the imposing bass of Jon van Mono, besides the amazing dark vocals of Verita V, that also plays guitar. Just like our recent psychedelic rock features, such as Lukka and Heartthrob Chassis it also  draws inspiration from 70s rock and a post-punk atmosphere, like Heart and Siouxsie & The Banshes. Ignacy San is in charge of keys and vocals, while Josephine O plays the drums and sings the back vocals. If you like the style, I definitely recommend listening the whole EP.

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Synthpop: VOGUE.NOIR – Only When

“Vogue.Noir’s melancholic synth pop twists Sci-fi, Neo Noir and dystopian themes into a reflective soundscape inspired by synthpop, such as Depeche Mode, Kraftwerk and New Order. The London-based artist merges an introspective emotional backdrop, resulting in a blend of retro and modern that is as powerful as it is personal”

Today’s synthwave release comes from London, Only When, by Vogue.Noir. The track is part of a 12 tracks album called Strange Days. Vogue.Noir is Aleks Kelvin, a fan of darkwave, that dreams of “neo noir and sci-fi nostalgia”. He started to make music as Vogue.Noir since two years ago. His biggest inspirations in music are 70s New Wave/Post Punk aesthetics on which he cut his teeth. He considers first Vogue.Noir EP as “a whirling blend of 80’s synthesised pop, fused the impudence of EBM with shades of melancholia, and was released in July 2016”, whatever that is, it’s worth giving a listen. Before he released his most recent album Strange Days in April 2018, he gigged extensively across the London live scene and made several appearances in Europe, including Germany, France and Spain.

’Strange Days’ explores themes around life in a modern metropolis, where love, loneliness and alienation play out under the shadow of urban hyper development

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Electronic Fusion: Hellbach – Im Neunklang (Mahler 10​.​1)

Im Neunklang (Mahler 10​.​1) by Hellbach from Berlin is a re-interpretation of Gustav Mahler with synthesizers. The whole album Mahler is dedicated to re-interpreted the Austrian composer’s tracks with electronic music. In total 9 tracks. Great work that gives a total new face to what is conceived as classic music. Proving that you can certainly make classical compositions with the electronic music aesthetics making use of contemporary instrumentation and studio work.

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Synths of Techno: DJ Jace – Sheltered Society

The newest feature of Synths of Techno is DJ Jace, from Canada, with his newest track Sheltered Society, released 15th of October by FineGrind Audio. The cutest art cover for a techno track that I’ve ever seen, that is still psychedelic and suitable for techno, tough with a cute kitten displayed in the center. Nothing more appropriate for primal this primal sound design, a bit distorted, high and keeping an arpeggiated feeling. Great rhythm after its drop. The high arpeggiated synths give the danceable feeling that are synchronized with the drums somehow. Sheltered Society comes as a single, featuring two other tracks: House Sick and The Boxer.

Psychedelic Rock: Lukka – Black Hole Fusion

Lukka is a driven, passionate and charismatic artist with a unique approach to her blend of song-writing. Her music blurs the lines between great 60s melodies and energetic 70s hard rock, in a modern and edgy way.

Black Hole Fusion, by Lukka from New York City, sounds like a late 70s studio production. First track that comes to my mind is Barracuda from the band Heart. Many influences from old school psychedelic rock as much as 70s bands, such as Led Zeppelin. Great music. This is her latest single. She has been releasing music since 2012.

Falling through a deep black hole
Gave up to comprehend
I’ve been searching for so long
Newborn to understand that
I am
I am
I am

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Synths of Techno: Izakaya Deployment – Kurabu

Today’s techno comes from Peru, Izakaya Deployment, with his EP Trust, released by No Signal Records. If you like techno that has synthesizers with personality, Kurabi is a track for you. Minimalistic, with synths sounding repetitively, having the same sustained notes being played for a long time, while it remains pleasant for the ears until the very end. In total we have 6 minutes of hypnotic techno, suitable for the dance floor, on the beginning of a DJ Set maybe, to warm up the crowd for more aggressive material to come.