Synthwave in Eden: Robert Random – Waiting for That Inevitable Bad Thing to Happen

Today we are updating our playlist Synthwave in Eden with a new addition, this time another one of those synthwave tracks that I admire, that sound like a progressive rock, or something done in the 70s, with synthesizers combined with studio innovation, different pattern of drums and a bassline full of groove. Everything in this track sound great, though the title inevitably has a negative connotation. Listening to Waiting for That Inevitable Bad Thing to Happen shows out to be something good to my ears, so it’s kind of ironic. Thanks Robert Random, composer/producer from Finland, for providing us with this great material. He’s going to release his full album on the 26th of March 2019. The other track in this single is Bad Thing Afterparty, it has a more techno influence, more underground, Streets of Rage soundtrack style, also with a great bassline.

Dubstep: The mng_0 EP

Released by Capiroto Records The mng_0 EP is for those who enjoy dubstep with a contemporary touch of genres such as Synthwave. Jeff, mng_0, mixed spoken word with heavy drum beats bass lines containing long attacks, resulting in those typical wobbling bass sounds. It’s also an EP full of sense of humour behind its creation, putting altogether post-apocalyptic squirrels, pizza and mango, which resulted in this crazy psychedelic cover art, designed by myself that was also in charge of the audio engineering, mastering all the tracks and making sure it’s sounding as best as possible. mng_0 is a producer and DJ from Baltimore, Maryland (USA) and its name is a reference for Mango Tango, that was his persona when DJing at Fraternity Parties in his college. When he cut his teeth DJing and learning music production. While The mng_0 EP was his debut work, he recently released a single called Bigshot.

You can purchase and stream The mgn_0 EP via this link.

New Psychedelic Rock (Music Videos)

Today we selected two music video by contemporary psychedelic rock bands. The first is San Pedro by Visual Eyes, according to them “a band of sonic messengers sent through the Universe with a message for humanity”. They released their first debut album Vibrations. It has that DIY appeal, but it served well to represent the feeling of San Pedro, the opening track of Vibrations. It’s possible to feel in San Pedro some influences from Animals of Pink Floyd, more specifically Dogs.

Besides the music video, Vibrations has a great cover art, that also portraits many cactus. San Pedro has been featured in our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden.

The next track is Mirage by Hola Chica, band from Barcelona. Also a simple video, that portraits an illustration for Mirage, a great work with photocollage by the way. They call themselves an indie-rock band that was founded in 2013. Most of their influences are Lolapalooza bands, Metronomy, Blur or some Australian psychedelic bands, such as Pond or Tame Impala. All of them which I had the pleasure to watch in a few festivals in São Paulo back in the days (with exception of Blur). Their debut album has been released in November 2016, called Magnetism. While for Mirage, it has been released as a single in 2018.

Mirage has also been added to our Spotify playlist Psychedelic Waves of Eden:

Playlist: Tech House 2019

Good house music in general, not mainstream just awesome music you can hear or dance to.

I’m not well versed in all the genres of electronic music, I even curate a feel dance playlists here and there. Sometimes I feel it’s very hard to make something danceable while escaping from the usual commercial edm stuff, the Spotify playlists like New Dance Revolution, New Hot Dance, New Dance, MINT, etc and keeping up with the good beats, it’s always a challenge. If there is a playlist curator I wish I had discovered before when I first started to curate dance playlists and write this blog is Island Beat Music. Today I bring to your attention their Tech House 2019, this one by Bernardo, it has a total of 86 tracks at this moment it has received some occasional additions, keeping the original date of curation for the older ones. They also receive submissions via Submithub.

If you want to have your playlist shared here in Synths of Eden, please fill our playlist form here:

New Experimental and Alternative Electronic

Today I selected four different tracks to share with you. Most of them can be considered experimental or in the field of alternative electronic music, with one exception, being more organic or acoustic, but still in the alternative side of music. With no further ado, here’s the list:

  1. O Future – VOYEUR
  2. Ralph Heidel // Homo Ludens – Sweet Dark Moves
  3. Sen Zhi – Give It Up (Music Video)
  4. KERA – Bright Future Ahead (ft. Devendra Banhart)

O Future – VOYEUR

This song is exactly as the title suggests about getting pleasure from watching, viewing unblinking in the corner. Looking through the keyhole at other people.

This modern life is all about looking at other people. Other people’s vanity is our global turn on. This is all at once terrifying, cold, alien, sad and incredibly dystopian spiked- multi/verse sexy.

Featured here earlier with Stay and Smell You, the duo from Los Angeles formed by Katherine Mills and Jens, O Future, is back with VOYEUR. Though they opt for odd metaphoric cover arts, their music is intense, bright, danceable, full of energy and authenticity. Always playing with today’s vanity fair. If there’s something I can assure about this duo is their originality. Voyeur has been added to Synths of Eden.

Ralph Heidel // Homo Ludens – Sweet Dark Moves

The next track comes from Germany, by Ralph Heidel, composer, saxophonist, highly influenced by jazz. According to his bio, besides being a composer that has been academically studying music in Munich Musikhochschule, he is also considered a remarkable performer, performing at XJAZZ festival Berlin 2018. You can understand the description while listening the song, Ralph is a 25 years old genius, with stunning compositional skills. He takes modern electronic music with jazz and classic textures into the next level. The track starts soft, with energetic beats, but smooth and ends in one epic explosion. Doing justice for its title. Homo Ludens is a 7 piece ensemble. Sweet Dark Moves has been released as a single by Kryptox, but an album is expected for 5th of April, entitled Moments of Ressonance. It has been featured in our playlist Synths of Eden.

Sen Zhi – Give It Up

A great music video makes all the difference on the experience of listening to a song. Give It Up by San Zhi is not only a great track but also a great music video. It has an Asian feeling, as much as the band’s name, given after the mysteriously cursed Pod City designed in the late 70s in Taiwan. Initially a duo formed by Suraya from Alexandria, Egypt and Peter (Dennis) Howarth-Brown from Bournemouth that met in the University, while studying music in London, they later expanded after meeting keyboard player Patrick-Fraser Stansbie and guitarist Mat Hart. They also released another single recently, Bloodlines, embedded bellow. Give It Up has been added to our playlist Synths of Eden.

KERA – Bright Future Ahead (ft. Devendra Banhart)

There’s no better paradoxical title than Bright Future Ahead, by LA-based KERA, featuring Devendra Banhart. A sweet track, that gives us delicate vocals, organic instruments, the usual folk style of songs that feature Devendra Banhart. Paradoxes apart, Bright Future Ahead brings us a hope sometimes we don’t have. A light on the end of the tunnel, “here we go again, ahh, uhh“. It makes me smile amidst all the chaos I read in the news. It makes me think about all the greatness of Pet Sounds by Beach Boys, also from California, and how it was mixed and produced. The zen philosophy and seeing the beauty on the small things, voices, songs like this. And maybe we have a bright future ahead of us. Added to Synths of Eden too:

New Downtempo and IDM: Playlist Update

Today we have curated 6 different tracks that can be categorized as downtempo or IDM, both genres also share similarities as much as progressive house has with techno. As discussed yesterday. Both genres can work with slower tempos, or BPM, though not only limiting themselves to that. But also allowing themselves to explore different textures of sound design and trying to innovate in the arrangement, often breaking rules of verse, chorus and bridge.

The tracks are:
1. Kip LaVie – Blues for Sedi
2. Drinker – Something I Want
3. Bels Lontano – Florid Entanglements
4. Tourist – Emily
5. Altvater – This Pertains to Solitude
6. Pheeyownah – Gold

Kip LaVie – Blues for Sedi

Blues for Sedi was recently released as part of Kip LaVie‘s debut album named This Creator. Kip LaVie is a composer from Portland (USA) who likes to play with opposites, creating tension. The album is highly recommended for those who like downtempo electronic music, it is a rich material, with tracks exploring different textures and feelings, mixing energetic drums with keys. The whole album sounds very attached to jazz. If you listen through the album, the sensation of opposition is constantly there. It is abundant in contrasts all around, sounding a bit odd at a few moments, but still rich. Added to our Spotify playlist Synths of Eden.

Drinker – Something I Want

Something I Want by Drinker from New York (USA), a collab started in 2016 between
Aaron Mendelsohn and producer Ariel Loh, has a more energetic bass line, accompanied by vocals and smooth percussion. It is those types of electronic downtempo that flirt with pop music, but still holding on to what underground electronic music best has to offer. It makes me think about Björk and all the innovation and creativity she brought to pop music in the 90s and early 2000s. Something I Want has been released as a single. They have been featured here earlier with a track called Fragment II. It’s been added to the playlist Synths of Eden.

Bels Lontano – Florid Entanglements

Florid Entanglements by Bels Lontano is something more experimental. Not yet released digitally, it has danceable rhythms with vocals typical of lo-fi pop in the intro. It has a smooth transition. That in the end, really sounds like Florid Entanglements. Good production. It is the first of his self-released EP in Bandcamp, Kind Decade. Bels Lontano is a project by composer and producer Bret Bohman. According to him, his project is inspired by an eclectic range of musical and non-musical sources and, on his own words, “explores concepts of liminal spaces, natural beauty, therapy and personal growth through the creation of rich sonic tapestries and melodic beat music stemming from the traditions of IDM, hip-hop, contemporary classical and ambient. Many of the tunes from the project began as a way to cope with stress and anxiety while navigating through academia and themes like acceptance, frustration and the sense of being overwhelmed are many times at the fore of the music. Now, with the upcoming EP “Kind Decade,” a culmination of material will be released that was ten years in the making.

Tourist – Emily

Added to our playlist Chilling in Eden, Emily by Tourist is a meditative track, that use spoken voice in the intro, bringing synthesizers and drums, sounding Moby-like. It has been released as a single, but it’s also part of a 10 tracks album called Everyday, released 15th of February. That’s a very rich album if you are a fan of downtempo electronic and good textures of sound design. Perfect for a yoga or meditation session, a bicycle ride or a walk in the park with headphones.

Altvater – This Pertains to Solitude

This Pertains to Solitude was composed by Altvater, from Columbia (USA), featured here earlier with Arcturus. The track was released as a single, it sounds sad as its title, but solitude is not always bad, but should be seen as a moment to find your own inner self and accept whoever you are, therefore we need songs as this one. You can also find it in Bandcamp. It’s been added to Chilling in Eden too.

Pheeyownah – Gold

‘Gold’ is a declaration of love. With a sci-fi atmospheric mood, it paints a vivid picture of two people who are dangerously in love.”

Lastly we have Gold by Pheeyownah, Swedish from Ugandan origins, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. Gold has a mellow mix, reverberated, with ethereal textures and a danceable melody. Pretty voice. It makes me think about other Swedish contemporary classics such as Little Dragon. It has been released by Labrador Records as a single. Before Gold, she released Silver before. Another remarkable single. It has been added to Synths of Eden Spotify playlist.

Playlist: Funky Flavors [electro funk, glitch pop & break beats] by blog Stereofox

Today we’re sharing a playlist curated by the music blog Stereofox called Funky Flavors. It came to us via our Playlist Form, where we receive playlists or mixtapes submission by different curators. Certainly it’s introducing some genres new to this blog, which makes it an interesting asset to be shared. It has a nu-disco vibe, with lots of groove bass-lines and keys. A playlist that would make George Clinton and Afrika Bambaataa smile, close their eyes and shake their heads. They accept submissions, via Submithub. Around 50 tracks of a great mood playlist.

Synths of Techno: New Update (5 Tracks Review)

I have been receiving several stunning techno submissions to share in our playlist Synths of Techno and here in the blog, so today I decided to make a single big post about techno, gathering 5 new remarkable releases I have curated for you. It is also important to register that now our techno playlist is now receiving submissions via Soundplate.

  1. D Formation – Nerve
  2. Komfortrauschen – Stanze
  3. The Alexsander – Susa
  4. Ge Bruny – Orion
  5. Vilas Monnappa – Faux

D Formation – Nerve was released by MIR Music, on 4th of February. It’s the label’s first release. D Formation is an experienced Spanish producer, usually well featured in Beatport for the Progressive House category, he shows us a bit of the best that progressive house as a genre can offer us. However, it’s a genre that in itself is very close to a more progressive and dark techno. Which deserves a place in this playlist as well. The vocals can certainly be considered psychedelic.

The second track is Stanze, by a German trio, called Komfortrauschen. It’s a more minimalistic techno, making use of electric guitar, drums and bass, summed by synthesizers. It’s been released by Otake Records.

A rocket launching pad inextricably tangled with an electric guitar, bass and drums. The cold wires, cables, pedals, beats fuse with living hands to come alive. Euphoric yet still sober, urgent and demanding yet sill relaxed and calm, contemplative and deep yet free and light – the appropriate soundtrack for meditative courtship behaviour in a bare concrete room. Always played live but with the aesthetics of a DJ set – that’s Komfortrauschen, a three piece live minimal techno band from Berlin.

Next I have selected Susa, by Swedish producer The Alexsander. That has some of his inspirations Vangelis and Michelangelo alike. Another minimalistic and organic style of techno, with a deep ambient touch. Amazing cover art, that is something that stands out, as much as his music. Susa has been released as a 5 tracks EP called Signal of Susa released by Awal Recordings on the first of February.

Next one was made by Brazilian producer Ge Brunny, called Orion. Also released by MIR Music, which explains the same design for the cover art as Nerve. A beautiful piece, is starts aggressive, energetic, with high percussion sounds, on a fast tempo, that collide on an amazing drop, that later grows slowly, again. It’s clear how he got inspired by stars. The sound design is primal, as much as the final audio quality, my best regards for the audio engineers involved. It’s been released as a three tracks single, containing astrological names Orion, Titan and Ufos. Another one that can be framed as Progressive House.

Lastly there’s a Faux by Vilas Monnappa, from Bangalore, India. Minimalistic in the rhythm, but with a pretty arrangement and melody. The sound was finely designed, great work with synthesizers. You can say it’s techno by how the beats sound, together with the work of bass, we can also say it’s been hardly influenced by Progressive House.

For more techno check our playlist Synths of Techno:

Playlist: Synthwave 101 (Over 900 Artists Curated and Always Updated) by Neon Fawkes

A playlist by Neon Fawkes, Julian Green from Canada, according to him the playlist is about: “Synthwave (all sub genres). Over 900 artists. Your one stop shop to discover all the artists that create this beautiful music. Pre-sorted with new discoveries at the top. Curated and always updated.”

Submissions are accepted, so if you are a Synthwave artist or have Synthwave tracks to suggest, message Neon Fawkes in his social media profiles, he’s an active Twitter user @julesneonfawkes

70s J-Pop: Arai Yumi – Chuo Freeway/中央フリーウェイ (1976)

As today is International Women’s Day, it’s time to post music done or performed by women around the world. Sharing something a bit out of the curve in Synths of Eden, but the idea is to always expand the musical pallet and leave the comfort zone. So today I present you Arai Yumi, with Chuo Freeway. A song from 1976. It’s considered a classic Japanese city pop. The track has been added to our playlist Synths of Eden: