LPascolatti – Up Side Down. 2017

LPascolatti (also writer of this blog) ends 2017 with a new release. In order to start a new set of releases to be coming in 2018, he announces Up Side Down. This new single contains  three tracks exploring the limits of electronic music, mixing samples extracted from retro Brazilian anti-drug ads and a historic interview with cinema director Glauber Rocha. LPascolatti mixes digital and analog synths, subverting industrial techno with new beats and a more downtempo approach, with synthpop and ambient influences from the 80s and 90s.

LPascolatti is a music producer from São Paulo, Brazil and currently in Rotterdam, Netherlands, where he runs his own record label Capiroto Records and produces his songs. He has been self-releasing his indie-DIY electronic music since 2015. For 2018 he plans to explore techno, synthwave, post-rock and IDM.

YouTube:  https://youtu.be/fIiOZyfNI2A

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