Review – OMEGA dB – Speaking with Machines EP

Recently I shared in our Soundcloud Profile the newest release from Barcelona based producer OMEGA dB, Speaking With Machines, with Hypersunday Records, from 20th October 2017 (Soundcloud page below). This new release is a very heavy techno style. Hard synths, atmospheric, catchy crude melodies and beats that are dancing and mental at the same, very well produced, with automated synths and well chosen samples. Great for a DJ set that wants to keep the public dancing in euphoria.

First track has no vocal samples, it is called Big Data, touching this subject of contemporary society and life, which brings the themes covered by old style techno. Around 6 minutes track that are no boring at all, it involve the listener from beginning to the end. Second track is called Speaking With Machines, also with around 6min, bringing together with that techno a more videogame 8bits, chipset style, with a sample uttering “Try again”, as if you were playing an arcade, failing, getting up and preparing to “Try again”, very symbolic.

This is his third EP, being the first My Church (2014) and Utopian Reality (2015). Both also having emblematic names when it comes to techno music and contemporary lifestyle, where reification is a constant matter, workers are turned to precariat, life is being constantly converted to virtual reality, such as Big Data, full of machinery and a huge demand for a moment of euphoric dance. You can check his other works on Soundcloud below as much as Spotify.

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