GPU Panic – Sand Haze EP (2017)

The EP from GPU Panic, a Lisbon based producer, is an exemplary work of electronic music, what could be called for some IDM music, or non commercial electronic music. This EP has 4 long tracks with aggressive bass, synths and drums that don’t follow the traditional four on the floor style of electronic music, such as techno. The beats are unconventional and mixed with synthesizers that explore ambient, chill-out, industrial and downtempo styles at the same time.

It might not be the best tracks for a Dj set on your neighbourhood club (with exception of Inhale/Exhale and Escape Route that made me personally feel like dancing a lot), but is certainly full of quality and atmospheric until the end, great for listening during a tiring day of work or during breakfast. The work from GPU Panic reminds me tracks from producers like Four Tet or classics of Kraftwerk (such as Escape Route and the breaths from Tour de France) and this great unconventional style of electronic that crosses the limits imposed by genres. Producers who usually do more of the same end up being boring, this is not the case for this EP.

Check out the Souncloud of GPU Panic or support his work buying his tracks on Bandcamp.

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