Album Review: Drifting Memories (2014) – Brainvoyager

The name tells everything by itself. Brainvoyager, artistic name of Jos Verboven, brings you to a travel on your innerself. Very much alike the synths from Franz Zwartjes tapes mentioned here before. Brainvoyager is also a Dutch producer who brings atmospheric vocals and beats to Synths that make you travel without leaving your current location. His work is influenced by artists such as Tangerine Dream and Jean Michel Jarre which he watched many years before starting to make his own music.

Drifting Memories is his third album from 2014 that came to me on Spotify as a  surprise, it contains 4 tracks, all of them bigger than 15 minutes. In total, Drifting Memories has 80 minutes of travel through the world of synthesizers and electronic music. Plus great drum machines. It is ambient music, chill out or downtempo. But it doesn’t make you bored for one single minute, this album has an involving pace, progressing from quieter to more energic vibes in a few minutes, adding exotic vocals and sequences that make your brain tickles on a very pleasant way. Jos seems to be not only very familiar with electronic music, but he is also a great composer and arranger. It is the old school style of electronic music with a contemporary touch.

He has been active since 2012, having songs with four on the floor beats, such as Mesmerize, from his 2013 Compilation. Moreover, Brainvoyager has explored applying his music to videos and choreography, such as a Touch of Oblivion from 2017 below.

It is possible to check more of his songs on Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Also, follow him on Twitter to keep updated about his new works.

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