Album Review: Null + Voyd – Cryosleep (2017)

In a nutshell, great synthesizers, remarkable bass lines and outstanding vocal features. Cryosleep from Null + Void arrived to Synths of Eden as a notorious album to be listened to, released by hfn-music. It certainly deserves a space in the blog, specially for its instrumentals and vocal features. This is for sure a great release of 2017 that should not be left unnoticed.

It all starts with the dark vocals of Peter Hayes, from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. That is forwarded by interesting tracks and then features no less a person than Dave Gahan, from the all-time classic Depeche Mode, a track that resembles pretty much what is made by that band itself. In fact, much of the album reminds the instrumental of Depeche Mode, with a Juno-60. However, it carries with itself much of contemporary electronic music on those purely instrumental tracks. On a mellow, deep, sometimes dark and downtempo way, such as Into the Void and Asphalt Kiss, that pays tribute to its title, specially for those who lived this situation.  Moreover, Cryosleep features vocals from The Big Pink, in Take it Easy, an electronic rock band from England. The vocal features give a synthpop vibe to the album, amidst those instrumentals. As much as ambient music, such as Foreverness. The last vocal features the singer Shanon Funchness, with a very strong voice, that sounds much like Dave Gahan style or the English trip hop genre.

Cryosleep is the debut album of New York music producer Null+Void, Kurt Uenala. A personal collaborator of Dave Gahan that has been producing his songs for a long time before releasing this debut album, collaborating directly for artists on his own studio.

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