Album Review: Empires of Silence – Levente (2017)

It is possible to mix architecture, medieval culture and electronic music. Levente, an electronic music producer from Transylvania, belonging to a Hungarian minority that grew under Ceausescu regime in Romania, built his first synthesizer as a teenager and used electronic music to entertain himself.  Later on, based in UK since the 90s, has been releasing his medieval culture and architecture inspired ambient music. Empires of Silence, was released in 1st June 2017.


Empires of Silence gives music to medieval cathedrals such as San Galgano ruins in the Siena region in Italy. Empires lost in time, that have nothing else to share rather than silence, history books, ruins and imagination are now also turned into sound waves. Levente is a proof that architecture can also be an inspiration to create electronic music, as much as for lost empires, such as the Carolingian one.

The album contain 10 tracks, being the first of them Entering and the last one Exiting, to stress the feeling of entering and exiting lost monasteries.  After that, eight different medieval monasteries name eight different ambient music tracks. The tracks have long pad notes and basses. That aims to show the big feeling of immensity felt by entering those cathedrals.

Levente’s Empires of Silence is available in Bandcamp and some of his tracks are being streamed by Soundcloud. Such as Under Revolving Skies, inspired by San Galgamo Abbey in Tuscany.


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