Album Review: Flavien Berger – Leviathan (2015)

Adieu vide tellurique
La mer avale mon cœur
Les limbes aquatiques
Effacent les plongeurs
Les fantômes de baleines
En haut du précipice
Et puis notre lointaine
Idylle des abysses

Flavien Berger – Abyssinie (from Leviathan – 2015)

There are some artists and albums that come to us when we least expect and show themselves to be great pieces of art material that we shall never forget. Flavien Berger arrived to me from Spotify algorithms some months ago.  I realised that I was listening to it quite a lot, until I had to delete La Fête Noir from my downloaded tracks. This is an extremely original material. As much as for other artists discussed here in the blog already, musicians when put aside the genre limitations end up presenting original material that are almost undefined, as claimed by Berger himself on an interview for the French magazine Konbini. Music genres are, after all, a weak categorisation.

This Parisian born artists claims to have learned music with Playstation 2 and has been releasing since 2014, as much as performing. Leviathan is his debut album released by Pan European Recording.

Flavien Berger and his Leviathan, in a nutshell, sounds like as if Serge Gainsbourg learned how to play synthesizers playing Playstation 2 while taking acid. The album has amazing vocals, that reminds a bit the latest releases from Nicolas Jaar and his dark voice. Berger shows himself to be not only a great instrumentalist and composer, but also a great singer. In some tracks, such as Abyssinie, quoted above, he also shows his poetry skills.  La Fête Noir has a more rocky rhythm. Overall, the album is very dark, as much as for the synthesizers, but with a very mellow piano and vocal, that make everything bright at the same time, such as Vendredi and Gravitè, that sound even romantic songs, indeed pretty songs, with touchy lyrics and vocals. The last track, Leviathan, makes justice to its gigantic monster name, though Berger is not acquainted with Thomas Hobbes, that is a 15 minutes track of synthesizers voyage.

Leviathan is for those who like creative and original material, that are inspired by jazz, nice vocals and lyrics, as much as heavy synthesizers. The album was shared in our Soundcloud page and is a top tip from Synths of Eden.  You can also check the videoclip for La Fête Noir below.

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