New Album Review: Breidablik – Penumbra (2017)

Penumbra, in latin, means half-light, where the light meets the shadow. This feeling can be achieved by music. Penumbra, from the Norwegian artist, Breidablik, comes as new material to be covered on the blog.

Being the second full-length album from Breidablik, it is composed by four tracks. The two first called Panumbra, Pt. 1 and 2. Followed by Nehalennia and The Chariots of The Sun. It is definitely a concept album composed by synthesizers, exploring the forces of light and darkness. Breidablik  aims to construct ‘electronic landscapes with sequences, drones and ambient textures’. Inspired by German ambient classics, from the Berlin school, such as Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze, and Michael Hoenig, with his own personal touch.

The tracks’ intros bring a lot of ambient sounds, that recall pretty much nature with an odd feeling imposed by the darkness, such as the intro from Nehalennia. Together with The Chariots of The Sun, shorter tracks, when compered to the tracks that name the album Penumbra, Pt 1, 19 minutes, and Pt 2, 11 minutes. The four tracks give the same feeling when listening. It is very atmospheric, there are no evidences of drums. It is pure progressive electronic music. With ups and downs. The synths are very melodic, followed by sequences.

Breidablik distribute his music on Bandcamp, it is possible to order vinyls. The album is released by Pancromatic records, it was recorded on the studio Wahnsinn-Idyll during spring 2017, all performed, composed and produced by Breidablik himself. The album cover features a photo of Marius Birkeland Nielsen and designed by Petter Sundnes.  The official date of release was 13th November. Check his Bandcamp for more info.

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