Mr. Bungle – Mr. Bungle (1991)

For those who never listened to Mr. Bungle before, embrace yourselves, this is not an usual piece. The album starts with the famous Quote Unquote (originally called Travolta), a track that shared both the great pre-Faith no More vocals of Mike Patton, as much as singular and mind-blowing instrumentals. Mr.Bungle is the kind of work you listen and think “How come this is possible and it sounds so great?”. If only Frank Zappa and Miles Davis could come back to life and listen this.

Mr. Bungle is well-know for being an experimental rock band from USA during the 90s, that had no person less than Mike Patton in the vocals, that stood with the band until 1999. Produced by John Zorn and released by Warner Bros in 13th August, 1991. The album was recorded in San Francisco, California, at Different Fur studio.  Although considered as an experimental album, it is possible to identify it as a multi-genre album, with a mix of heavy metal, jazz-fusion, ska and carnival music. This album is appealing for progressive music fans, for a more open minded public. In one single track, such as Slowly Growing Deaf, it can shift from a death metal to jazz and ends with a sample of a person probably taking a dump. After all, a band that has Mike Patton in the vocals can be nothing else than unconventional.

The band was composed by six members: Mike Patton, as Vlad Drac, on keyboards, vocals and production. Danny Heifetz, as Heifetz, on the drums and production. Trey Spruance, as Scummy, playing guitars, keyboard and also in the production. Trevor Dunn, as Trevor Roy Dunn, on the bass guitar and production. Clinto McKinnon, as Bär, on the saxophone and production. Theo Lengyel, with alto saxophone, baritone saxophone and production.

The album cover was designed by Dan Sweetman, originally published in the story A Cotton Candy Autopsy for DC Comics/Piranha Press, in Beautiful Stories for Ugly Children.

Besides being a great studio work, Mr.Bungle was also a band with outstanding live performances, such as the one in Club Lingerie, in Los Angeles, 10th January, some months before the album release:

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