Crooks & Lovers – Mount Kimbie (2010)

In 2017 Mount Kimbie released the album Love What Survives, with many features, such as James Blake. They claimed to have used mainly two synthesizers on the album, both vintage korgs: the MS-20 and Korg Delta. However, what will always be marked as Mount Kimbie’s signature sound is their debut album Crooks & Lovers, from 2010. By that time called post-dubstep. The album has notorious tracks such as Carbonated.

Mount Kimbie is an English electric duo consisted by Dominic Maker and Kai Campos, formed in 2008.  Starting out in the dubstep scene with early EPs such as Maybes and Sketch on Glass.  Having critical acclaim, the duo released, later on, in 2010 their debut Crooks & Lovers. The duo used field recordings, samples and live instrumentation to create the album.  Released by Hotflush Recordings. Produced by both artists.  Tracks such as Would Know and Mayor are dancing, yet experimental. Others, such as Ode to a Bear touch a more drone style, with long lines of synths and drums out of synchrony. Beats that recall trip-hop, such as Portishead, with a more experimental touch.


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