Romare – Projections (2015)

The album from Romare (shared in our Soundcloud page), 2015, released by Ninja Tune, independent Record Label founded by Matt Black, based in London, with satellite offices in Los Angeles and Montreal.

The album shows that great music is much more than what is popular among the EDM artists or the works recognised to be from Spinnin Records.  Music that fits dance clubs as much as your home speakers or headphones while walking on the street. The album mixes drums typical from dance music with samples and amazing chord progressions. At the same time the album connects with the atmospheric ambient music. It portraits lots of elements from African-American influences on USA. The soul and jazz culture as elements part of the tracks. The name Romare is inspired in Romare Bearden, a collage artist, which is something that Romare does with music.

According to Ninja Tune:

“Rainbow” is a homage to gay rights via disco in the 70’s, and “Work Song” to the great American work song tradition. Opener “Nina’s Charm” sets out the stall for the album. A tiny, near spoken snippet of Nina Simone’s voice is set against a hypnotic synth riff and a dislocated gospel-choir chant. The result is something utterly fresh; a tone setter that worms through the ear and floods the brain in soothing catharsis. “Motherless Child” opens with a shuffling jazz swing, allowing its sample of the African-American spiritual from which it takes its title to shine in full. When a simple, riff-like melody arrives, the song transforms into a sultry, glorious slow-dance workout. “Lover Man’s” striking, cut-up synth riff is set up against chiming stabs and slurred chords, a snatched, swing vocal enticing us in to the wonkiest of grooves.

As much as for photography. Romare shows how great music can be produced by collage, not only by amazing synthesizers, drum machines, high tech softwares and studio apparatus. The album is also available in vinyl.

Romare uses his academic knowledge applied to what can be amazing dancing music. He studied African-American visual culture in University. After moving to Paris, he decided to sample second-hand records, making his own tracks. Based in London, after 2012, started to be signed and release his first EPs, such as Meditations on Afrocentrism, with tracks such as The Blues (It Began in Africa) and Love Songs Pt. 1.

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