Album: Jupiter Apple – Hisscivilization (2002)

Jupiter Apple, also known as Júpiter Maçã in Brazil, were both artist names from late Flávio Basso. His is most well known for his album A Sétima Efervescência, released in 1997. However, Hisscivilization is for sure his most experimental, ambitious and elaborate work. Released in 2002 by Voiceprints Records. The album is highly influenced by the works of Syd Barrett, Stereolab and the Canterbury Scene. Differently than his previous work, Hisscivilization is the most electronic one, in which Jupiter experiences a lot with synthesizers in many tracks, such as Pyrus Malus et Fragaria Vesca. ‘…So you leave the hall’ is a track that reminds the early works of Pink Floyd. The whole album is 1:17 minutes of total Psychedelia. It requires a bit of patience to listen it, but it is for sure worth it if you like the style.

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