Album: Lindstrøm – It’s Alright Between Us As It Is (2017)

One of the greatest albums of 2017 when it comes to electronic music. Lindstrøm and ‘It’s Alright Between Us As It Is’ released in 2017 by his own label Feedelity. It brings us amazing contemporary disco tracks such as Shinin and But Isn’t It, with sensitive lyrics as much as female vocals. The other tracks are instrumentals with great use of synthesizers, basslines with long pads, arpegiators and dance drums.  The tracks are in general very chill, not anything heavy like techno, house. The are no genres used as tags to define his style.  Overall, there is no rule when it comes to this album, tracks like Bungl (Like a Ghost) is a very cinematographic track, with a narrative-poem written and sang by Jenny Hval, that turns to a dance track full of repetitive phrases more like a techno style, with basslines sequences.  Tracks are in general long with around 7 min each. The name of the album is a reference to a dialog in the film ‘Wild Strawberries‘ from Ingmar Bergman. 

The album is available via Lindstrøm’s Bandcamp page. But can also be streamed in Spotify. His Soundcloud page has been active for 5 years. Hans-Peter Lindstrøm grew up on the outskirts of the oil town Stavanger, but is currently based in Oslo,where he is making ‘contemporary dance music’.



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