3 Months Editorial and Playlist Update

Editorial – 3 Months of Synths of Eden

It all started in December 2017, when I decided to make a playlist called Contemporary Prog Synthesizers, where I could mix 50 tracks that were combined with some of the songs I have been producing myself for the past months. The Spotify profile, owner of that playlist, was named ‘Synths of Eden’. I started to share this playlist on my personal music producer website (LPascolatti) and via my social media, by that time only on Instagram (@lpascolatti), as I got more than tired from Facebook a long time ago and Twitter was not appearing as an interesting alternative.

At first I could not attract many followers. However, I had a project of making my own music blog since 2015, that was keeping archived in my own mental list of projects, until the time I had enough courage and to take the first step. Therefore, that name from a Spotify profile soon became a website, called Synths of Eden.

That playlist was a mixture of my own songs, with popular synthwave tracks and electronic music I have been enjoying for a long time, but was never sharing with anyone else. Besides, I realised that I didn’t have enough independent artists like me on that playlist, that were eager to be heard and shared with the world, artists that were waiting to be listened and have their songs spread all around the globe. Therefore, the first main goal of this blog was to share independent artists just like me, promoting independent culture on the internet and via streaming systems, such as Spotify and Soundcloud. And also, share the songs I have been enjoying for a long time, despite the fact that they were released a long time ago, or if they are brand new songs. I would say this blog has been covering more than electronic music, but music in general. For the future, I expect this blog to grow even more, to be writing about much more than only music and be a cultural hub, that will expand from the virtual limitations the internet impose.

The blog has been growing, we featured a several artists during those 3 months, many of them famous by their own efforts of doing great music and other independent artists that submitted their songs to us. While for some, I searched for them in person and invited them to submit me their songs to be exposed here. So, in general, I am happy with the first three months of Synths of Eden and I believe it will only grow and grow as time goes by.

Meanwhile, I have also been growing as a music producer, journalist, writer, indie label owner with Capiroto Records, freelance playlist curator and I expect 2018 to be an amazing year.

Playlist – From ‘Contemporary Prog Synthesizers’ to simply ‘Synths of Eden’:

The blog was on a short vacation for one week, as I have been personally involved with many work here in Rotterdam. Therefore, no new material could be developed, except for some album reviews I posted before that.  As a way to mark this first 3 months, I decided to update the playlist ‘Contemporary Prog Synthesizers‘ to simply ‘Synths of Eden’, a playlist that can be linked directly to the blog itself, it’s content and everything that is being shared here. The main goal now is to update it around 10% every week. The playlist has already it’s first followers and let’s hope it will only grow more and more with the time coming, as much as the number of new independent artists being shared there, as much as great artists make a lot of buzz with their new releases, or as a way to reinvigorate all-time classics or sounds that were released in the past.

Here it is our old-brand new playlist: Synths of Eden! I hope you all enjoy its new update!



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