Synths of Eden – Soundcloud February 2018 Picks

Just like last month, Synths of Eden curated a small playlist in Soundcloud with the sounds shared in our page. Some of the tracks were covered by Synths of Eden in February, while others were listed by us and shared as a way to spread new artists. This month is staring mainly electronic tracks, that are exploring the boundaries between electronic music, distorted guitar, experimental, noise and heavy sounds, such as LPascolatti, Retrodome, The Suicide of the Western Culture and Introspect.

This is a heavy and mental playlist for high vibes. Soundcloud, differently than Spotify and other streaming platforms, provide artists with the capacity to expose themselves from inside the underground of the over-saturated network. Exploring and discovering not only different sounds but a whole counter-culture, with no necessary attachment to market values of the music industry.

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