New Music: Cosmo Cocktail – Aurora (2017)

Currently, independent artists are pretty much making synthwave. I know I have written contradictory views on synthwave, of course for many of them it is also more of the same, a fad that is going on right now, pretty much as everything else when it comes to the music industry. Things one day will fade away. However, I also wrote that synthwave is a great part for the synthpop revival, great music composed by beautiful synthesizers, drum machines and sequencers, that are here and now, sounding pretty to our ears, that can incorporate from death metal to ambient music. There is not limit to creativity and music making.

As much as for Collapse Project, recently covered in the blog, Cosmo Cocktail is making top-quality synthwave that should be heard. Its new release is called Aurora, by Werkstatt Recordings, available on Bandcamp, it can be purchased on CD and cassette. The album and the whole work of Cosmo Cocktail, let’s say, is inspired in the spacial theme, with songs called ‘aurora‘, ‘cпутник‘ (sputnik in Cyrillic) and Unfamiliar Skies, featuring Ideon, a song with nice vocals. Also, on B side ‘Gagarin! Don’t look back!’ and “We’ll never come back“. Having great titles is an important part of music making. For Cosmo Cocktail all tracks have titles and feelings that put us on the interplanetary imagination. Something like watching Cosmos with Carl Sagan.

Aurora does justice to the use of hardware synthesizers (synths, sequencers and drum machines) and was composed, performed and recorded by Cosmo Cocktail, Luca Brumat, from Italy. ‘It is a concept album focused and dedicated to the conquest of space and all the brave astronauts, pioneers of the universe’, according to it’s Bandcamp. It is also available for streaming on Spotify.

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