International Women’s Day 2018 Playlist

We received quite a few submissions with new women artists to mark the International Women’s Day so I decided to make a playlist with all those great women making nice music that are worth to be shared.

Apart from Cehryl (featured with NASAYA), Stav G, Me Not You and Elizabeth Goodfellow that have been previously covered today in the blog.

We also have LOVE SICK, Scottish-duo boy-girl from Glasgow, that got support even from Elton John, a romantic track, indie-electronic with big trip-hop influences.  They come now with What I’d Do.

Alexx Mack is an-indie pop artist from Los Angeles that have collected a few hits since 2015. She is featured with Wine in Bed, her latest release.

The playlist also feature a great track from LANNDS, her track Legendes is gold. From Memphis, USA, born Rania Woodard together with producer Brian Squillace, created this soulful electro-indie with personal influences of blues. Very original work.

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