New Music: FMFL – Just Blink Twice

Just Blink Twice is a track of FMFL. The song reminds those scenes of Twin Peak’s third season, when there are gigs going on in The Roadhouse. It is the debut work of Brazilian producer from São Paulo, Adam Matschulat, based in London. FMFL means Functional Music for Lovers. It brings a very delicate voice, followed by keys and glitch sounds. It is an experimental yet sensible work. The cover art was made Clara Kelly and it is very interesting. Somehow represents very well this work. The second track is called Interlude I, very ambient, sounding much like Brian Eno’s early works.

FMFL is expecting 2018 to be a very productive work for him. His next work Hear My Heart is due to be released in 18th March. You can stream his work on Spotify and also purchase it in Bandcamp as embedded below.


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