New Music: NASAYA – Orange (ft. cehryl)

Orange, by young French producer NASAYA, features Los Angeles based vocalist Cehryl. The track is danceable yet atmospheric at the same time. It is for sure very influenced by Kaytranada and Tame Impala. with a bit of sampling here for sure.  The vocals performed by Cehryl are very pleasant, added by the bright textures of the instrumentals. It is a must for those who love chill dance music, perfect for a night club, party, as much as for driving or chilling at home on a rainy day.

According to NASAYA himself: “The aim with with the production on this track was to melt those ‘futuristic’ textures/sound design with more retro/analogue (jazz, rock etc..) references. I love to work with contrasts and references from styles of music that ‘seem’ completely opposed”.

His earlier tracks: Snow and Milk are also worth listening.  Bringing the same Tame Impala and Kaytranada vibes, with female vocals and huge bass lines.

It is also available for streaming in Spotify

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