Women in Music: Me Not You – Chemical Cure (2018)

Another submission that came to us from USA, New York. There are two very big cultural poles that always come by Los Angeles and New York. The garage pop duo Me Not You  released Chemical Cure as the last single of their upcoming EP, Reckoning 2 (out this Friday), with very nice lyrics and female vocals. The song Chemical Cure is their last single of the EP. According to them, they saved the best for last.

About Chemical Cure they say:

“we wrote ‘chemical cure’ on a particular bad day for our country and our world recently. it seems that there are quite a few of these lately. the song is about waking up every day and having to face what’s going on out there in there world. it’s about wanting to, and also not wanting to, lean on chemicals to deal with the ups and downs of life. chemicals from the outside and those pesky neurotransmitters our brain makes. the rise of the morning, the hope, and then the apathy that can set in by nighttime… but also sometimes finding inspiration and promise in the gaps of what’s left, what’s in between.”

The duo has been releasing since 2017 and have toured around US and Canada opening for Gary Numan to promote Reckoning 1 (2017). About their new EP they say:

“When we got back into the studio to write after we put out Reckoning 1, we aimed to dig deeper than we previously had, sonically and lyrically. We spent a month experimenting with new synths, found sound recordings, and tons of guitar pedals. Lyrically, we tapped into relationships and emotions that we had never really explored in our music. Playing the songs live on our fall tour allowed us a more intimate relationship and comfort with the songs, and we definitely brought that energy back with us to the studio. It was also important for us to keep the songs completely between the two of us… even as far as mixing the EP ourselves. The music is so personal that we felt it best to keep things tight this time around.”

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