New Techno Release: Capiroto Records – Nebula (2018)

Capiroto Records will release in 14th March, 2018, a techno album, staring BarchiShampo, Chrstian Saw and LPascolatti. The work contains 5 tracks, being 2 of them a collaboration between Shampo & Barchi (Thug Night) and Shampo & Christian Saw (Mind Machines). Plus, 3 original mix tracks from Shampo (Bongos), LPascolatti (Black Lodge) and Barchi (Nebula – title track).

The album is already available for pre-order in Bandcamp, for full WAV/FLAC/MP3 files. Soon to be also available in Capiroto’s Beatport page. You can also check the tracks in the artists’ official profiles and in Capiroto Records‘ playlist in Soundcloud. For more information, follow Capiroto Records on Twitter.

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