Panama Papers – BriteNite (2017)

The Panama Papers was for sure a big leak in 2015 that showed a lot of dirt stuff going on in the depths of financial and political world. Not only big offshore corruption and capital related schemes, it is also an ‘apocalyptic dream disco‘ duo from New York, that has released an homonymous EP last year. It is a kind of electric-indie-pop that is at the same time chill and danceable.

A track that doesn’t bring with itself a lot of pretension and does a great job, nice synths and interesting original vocals (this can be said about the whole EP). It is interesting new material to be following, especially for those who are fans of Nu-Disco and related chill indie-electronic material. Check their Spotify profile and Soundcloud (below) for more info.

The track is also available by Bandcamp, including in cassette.

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