Eulogy – Fall (edit) (2018)

Originally a 5min track that was pure noise in the first 2min of the beginning, Fall (edit) comes out to be a track that is pure gold in its edit version. An introduction with an audio file, with a narrator speaking about brains. Followed by an interesting bass, guitars and synth lines. Later on joined by kick drums with vocal layers. A pretty interesting prog rock track, that comes from noise to audio experimentation to later on be composed by regular instrumentation that is just full of colours and layers, that make you become involved with the track from beginning to end. Pretty much an original material from Eulogy.

The artist has a pretty interesting story about his whole album and how he became a musician after suffering an accident in childhood and how it reflected on his musical work, you can check everything in his page here. Moreover, the lyrics were inspired in T.S Elliot, The Wasteland, poetry and Buddhist writings.

You can also purchase his album Into the Heart of Light for download in Bandcamp.

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