New Single: Kerb Staller – Tell Lies (2018)

A track with a pop-rock vocal that sings criticism about the mass media for a track that is not that much pop. Plus a very danceable bassline. It all starts with synths and a four on the floor bass and clap, that seems pretty much like a house track, followed by a synth chord progression. The intro is quite long but everything changes when the bass starts with the vocals. The lyrics are very interesting, they are about mass media manipulation, very critical to information and post-truth democracy. The message behind music should not be taken for granted. It reminds the vibes of Depeche Mode, like “Everything Counts”.

The single has a very interesting art, that reminds pretty much a photo collage.

Kerb Staller is a trio spread between London (Matt), Manchester (DNCN) and New York (jozif). They have been releasing as a trio since 2014. According to them:

“Tell Lies is our first release on Skint, as a group, and marks the start of a big year for Kerb Staller. The record, in its essence, describes how much we are manipulated by the media, and how this misinformation is used as a weapon. We’re not expecting Tell Lies to bring the system crashing down any time soon, but it felt better to say something, than say nothing at all.”


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