New Chill: Ikonika – Where Is Your Wife (2018)

Another one from our new chill series. The new album from producer Ikonika (Sara Chen) features the song Where Is Your Wife? it is the second track of her latest album The Library Album. It has been added to our new Spotify playlist Chilling in Eden. The album has been released by EMI Production Music, with a focus on television and visual arts. Sara has been releasing by the well-know label Hyperdub, her work reminds the tradition of dubstep with a hiphop style of beats. The album has 16 tracks that deserve to be listened from begging to the end, it’s somewhat of a darkchill beats, let’s say. With many different experiences of synths and beats. Tracks are short, something around 2 or 3 minutes, the whole album can be listened with a wink of the eye.

The album has been released this 9th March. In some parts, we can listen to a videogame soundtrack style of electronic music, such as the old Doom, in tracks like Passenger, with a pretty interesting bassline. In Where U Now? we can listen a typical track from Ikonika with a touch of IDM synths, long pads with beats. Ikonika has been a ground breaking producer and DJ since 2010 (debut album ‘Contact, Love, Want, Have’ – Hyperdub), within the UK dubstep scene. Videogame soundtracks are a big inspiration for her, such as the music composed by Yuzo Koshiiro (The Revenge of Shinobi and Streets of Rage).

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