New Single: The Hails – Younger (2018)

Well, I haven’t been personally a fan of good boy’s pop-rock with dramatic and romantic lyrics since my adolescence or my early 20s, when I used to go every year to Lollapalooza São Paulo back in the days. Recently, my favourite style of rock has been heavy sounds such as old-school Sepultura or other styles of Psychedelic/Progressive Rock. Since I started working with this blog, music production and promotion in general, such as playlist-making, I have been refining my ears to identify what is good independent rock bands with future and what are basically industrial crap. I receive many things everyday, so I have some clues how to identify it.

The Hails with its new release Younger has cute lyrics with great production that stand out. Recorded in Miami, Florida, with engineer & producer Matt Lewin it mixes contemporary pop-rock with a 70s groove, marked by interesting keys that fill the spaces of the guitar, bass and drums. Vocals from Robbie Kingsley are pretty and soft in this track. Previous works from the band remind a lot Jack White’s style of playing guitar and singing, such as Bronco, from their last EP, much more traditional hard rock style than their new single Younger. The Hails is formed by: Andre Escobar (bass-guitar) / Zach Levy (drums) / Robbie Kingsley (lead-vocals) / Dylan McCue (guitar) / Franco Solari (guitar-vocals).

You can check their work in Soundcloud and Spotify.

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