New Pop: pizzagirl – Coffee Shop (2018)

Disclaimer: Ok, this blog doesn’t want to be that much focused on pop music, but mainly progressive/psychedelic rock and crazy electronic material; however, there is a bunch of independent nice pop music being made that deserve to be shared, so we’ll have a few tracks that were sent to us and we’ll be covering it these days. Such as the independent pop-rock from Florida, The Hails, covered yesterday. Soon we also want to be covering old-stuff again, after all we said this blog is also about the all-time classics not only new music.

New bedroom-pop track, the third release of Pizzagirl, after Favourite Song and Carseat. It is a downer-disco from UK. Coffee Shop is his new track, though it talks about caffeine and not magical herbs sold in homonymous places here in Netherlands. This artist has an announced new EP due 13th April. It all starts with a very catchy intro, with na-na-na (Hey Jude style) vocals, with dance-able and catchy instrumental lines.

Pizzagirl is Liam Brown. There are several different influences on this track, from 80s pop to current pop-rock and disco. The vocals are a very interesting part of the track, where high-timbre voices speak about a coffee shop while the lead singer follows them with his man’s voice together with the basic instruments.

This is not at all an exaggerated pop-style, but something done in an underground bedroom in UK that stand out from the pop being done nowadays. The producer does everything himself from the comfort of his bedroom studio, as many of them (Including me, except for the fact that I am using my kitchen as studio). The synths sound just amazing.

Coffee Shop has been released this 9th March by label Heist or Hit. The track is available for streaming in Spotify.

The artist has some UK dates to perform, so if you live in the UK, you can check his laptop lonesome live (and let us know how it was).


12th – YORK, The Fulford Arms (with Her’s)
19th – LIVERPOOL, EBGBS (with Her’s)
20th – SHEFFIELD, Picture House Social (with Her’s)
21st – EDINBURGH, The Mash House (with Her’s)


1st – LONDON, The Fix @ The Social
2nd – BIRMINGHAM, Hare & Hounds (with Her’s)
3rd – NOTTINGHAM, The Bodega (with Her’s)
10th – SOUTHAMPTON, Heartbreakers (with Her’s)
11th – BOURNEMOUTH, Anvil (with Her’s)
12th – OXFORD, The Cellar (with Her’s)
25th – MANCHESTER, The White Hotel

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