New Pop: SOFI TUKKER – Baby I’m A Queen (2018)

I have been enjoying SOFI TUKKER since Matadora, I’m not sure they have any relation with Brazil/Portugal but that track showed me somebody that was making interesting pop-music that was being sung in Portuguese language and that could stand out for the Brazilian market. I have been sharing their songs in some playlists I work with and none of their singles ever disappointed me, as I’ve said before in other posts, I’m more than tired of those disco/EDM that are put in a ‘cake tin’ and it gets ready full of hihats repeating 32times in a bar that then goes to a drop and built up repeating the same stuff with a single sample of synths or chord progressions for the rest of the track. Come on, how can’t people make different stuff? You don’t go to a club to listen 32 different songs that sound all the same, thanks Armin van Buuren/SpinninRecords and friends for that.

SOFI TUKKER is pop music with a very nice use of drums, especially the toms, different elements of percussion, electric guitar, synths and this gorgeous female vocal of Sophie Hawley-Weld. Also, all their singles have very nice art covers. Such as this one below. They are announcing their debut album due out April 13th.

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