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New release of FMFL out today 19th March by RESTERECORDS, following Just Blink Twice, already reviewed here before in the blog.  Hear My Heart comes with a more uplifting production, but still with the same delicate and relaxing feeling provided by Just Blink Twice. This song talks about exactly what it says in its title. After all, FMFL is functional music for lovers. Songs to be listened and think about those we love the most.

Hear My Heart sings about the connection of feelings when listening to a song, that is the connection between people, how artists can write about their feelings to unknown others. Which can be represented by the act of ‘hearing (the artist’s) heart’. Both tracks are short but full of feelings, providing a bright-melancholy, that cannot be defined as ‘sad’ at the same time, a bit nostalgic. A sadness that can be something bright, represented by love, shining and singing the heart of an artist can mean something deep. An artist that sings about the absence of somebody.  The harmony and brightness of the sound design prove to be the high sides of the track.

The title-track is followed by Up to The Sky, an instrumental, a mixture of keys, pad synths, glitch drums, that last for 3 minutes, ending with an atmospheric synth, a bit robotic yet glamorous. A short track with lots of textures.

According to Adam Matschulat, producer of FMFL:

“The whole album, which is coming out in May, has been a gigantic cathartic experience for me. I am used to producing other people’s music and I compose experimental electronics normally. Writing songs was an emotional challenge, as I wanted them to be as vulnerable as possible, as transparent and honest as possible.”

The debut self-titled album “Functional Music for Lovers”, with 12 tracks, will be released in May 2018.

This review features a short interview with Adam himself, that also designed the EP’s cover (below).

1. How was the recording process of your new EP? Tell us more about the work in the studio. Who participated in the production, mixing and mastering or your newest release?
I’m afraid but I will disappoint all techie musicians out there as my work as FMFL is done completely with virtual instruments. For me, having a background in engineering, is all about what sounds good or not. I don’t have any analogue equipment, what I got are good genelecs [studio monitors] and a studio with great acoustics. I produced, mixed and mastered this release. Which is absolutely fine if you leave big gaps between stages of production/post-production. I run a post-production agency ‘The Listening Tower’ – Instagram @thelisteningtower ( which offers good prices for smaller labels, independent artists & filmmakers too. Please visit, if you contact me saying “I saw your website at Synths of Eden” I am more than happy to do a job for you half price 😉 We can talk.
2. What inspired you to compose your new tracks? Are there any artists/genres of music that were fundamental to the composition process? As a source of inspiration. 
Inspiration is flooding in every second of the day… For me is all about looking inward and learning how to spot ‘tricks’ you come up with time, so its very important for me to avoid this ‘bag of tricks’ and try to dig deep to the essence of the matter you are exploring. I don’t think I have artists to name and point yes my sound is inspired by theirs… No way…. I honestly think that for this album my main ‘force’ of inspiration is old video games….  I think for 2 reasons, psychologically they bring me back to a time of safety, when I was 6 to 11 years old…I think the songs I wrote comes from a necessity of feeling safe. As emotionally the last 2 years of my life have been challenging for various personal reasons.
3. What are the next plans for you as an artist after this new release?
Well I am very pleased that in May I am releasing the Album ‘Functional Music for Lovers’ and after that I am giving priority to a new album of my trip-hop project ‘Godasadog’ – Instagram @godasadog – ( which I produce with Victor Meira, from the band Bratislava, back in São Paulo. Parallel to that I am already working on a new experimental project as ‘Matschulat’ – Instagram @adamatschulat – ( which will be a film I am working with my brother who is a filmmaker (@aron.matschulat).
4. With which new artists or songs do you wish your newest release would be featured with in a playlist or DJ set? 
Well. I don’t know how to answer this question. I hope that this project finds its audience. A friend told me I should go to South Korea… So maybe a DJ over there? 🙂
You can listen by FMFL’s new EP by streaming stores, plus Bandcamp and YouTube (bellow).




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