New Single: altopalo – Blur (2018)

Blur, from altopalo, band based in New York, is much more than an electronic glitch futurism. It has a kind of pop aka indie-electro approach to electronic music, summed by experimental and glitch music. Music is art and when it comes to art, innovation is a key feature. Therefore, great artists are always trying to reach new boundaries of their cultural soup. altopalo explores the USA tradition of making music with acoustic guitars and that cowboy style of singing with avant-garde electronic music. The band agglutinates in its sound the acoustic, the electronic, the jazzy-funky drums, as much as the vocals from good-old boy bands. It’s indeed an original material that impressed me very much.

altopalo is formed by singer Rahm Silverglade, a solo artist that has been releasing his material by Terrible Records, plus guitarrist Mike Haldeman. In the rhythm sector we have Jesse Blelenberg and Dillon Tracy. Therefore, we have a band composed by four veterans from the underground New York scene.

They are gathered to set up their debut album frozenthere that will be unlike anything commercially made in USA nowadays, eventually it can be compared to Mount Kimbie/Nicolas Jaar or other alternative indie-electro bands. Blur/FrozenAway comes as their new single. Their songs are about the dehumanising new forms of technology that are spreading like big diseases in society in which we cannot live without anymore. When will we ever break the chains from this allegory of the cave and reach the bright lights of the outside?

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