New Music: A New Color – N KRAMER

N KRAMER, Berlin-based music producer, comes with his new work A New Color, that is part of his new upcoming album, Endless, expected to be released in March the 30th, by FEEL FLOWS (FF002). 3:18 seconds exploring the vastness of ambient music produced by synthesizers. With his new releases, N KRAMER is uncovering the vastness provided by the 70s ambient-experimental European scene, such as Automat, mentioned here before.

We can listen to polyrhythmic patterns, like those provided by sequencers, that are constantly sounding throughout the whole song. Very dynamic and bright. They are followed by big distance pads. Accompanied by sweet and low melodies. Pretty much reminds Brian Eno, Ashra and Automat. All of this using modular synths, soft percussion and a nice mixing process using tape effects, summed by a sense of perspective, such as the reverberating synths on the back, when poly rhythmic sounds are being played.

His new album is avalable to be purchased in Bandcamp and already have A New Color Available in Spotify.


1. N KRAMER – Endless
2. N KRAMER – Slipping Through The Cracks
3. N KRAMER – A New Color
4. N KRAMER – A Different Structure
5. N KRAMER – Shifting Patterns
6. N KRAMER – It Has Never Worked Before

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