New Music: Cristian Bergagna – Old Hag Syndrome

Although written in English for convenience and based in Europe, this blog is South American first. So I am glad to share the greatest artists from there, such as Chilean progressive rock Tryo from Valparaíso and all other Brazilian artists that have been featured before, such as FMFL and Semper Volt. Now for the first time we welcome an Argentinian artist.

This is an absolutely interesting work, not only the track Old Hag Syndrome, but the whole album itself.  Music producer from Cordoba Cristian Bergagna, appropriately cites Jorge Luis Borges as forewords to describe his album The Nightmare:

Like Jorge Luis Borges said:

“The dreams are gender, the nightmares, the species”.
Nightmares, “niht mare or niht mare” that means “The demon of the night”, have always something diabolic in them, like someone is trying to break us in our most weak moment, while we sleep.
This album is about the fights in which we struggle while our eyes are closed and we cannot escape. They represent our most raw fears and changes us every day after we wake up.
Jorge Luis Borges ask himself: “What if nightmares are strictly supernatural? What if nightmares are cracks from hell? What if during the nightmares, we are literally in hell?”

Cristian defines his style as horrorsynth and darkwave. I’d say it describes very well what he composes. It is pretty much inspired in electronic music from the 70s, such as Moroder. But it has a very aggressive yet Wagnerian style, it imposes itself. It is an impressive work for fans of Dark Synthwave, such as Collapse Project covered here before.

The album art from Nani Sarmiento reminds a lot the illustration from Sandman by Neil Gaiman and the character Death, though not Sandman himself.

He is also raising a crowfund to release The Nightmare in vinyl, you can reserve one in:

You can stream the album in Soundcloud as embedded, plus in Spotify and it’s quite very popular in Bandcamp as well.

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