New Single: Joshua Worden – Tennessee

Joshua Worden mixes electronic-music with traditional pop music from USA and a touch of progressive rock that reminds pretty much Gentle Giant or King Crimson at some points. Smooth vocals and reverberated percussion, summed by the revival of analogue synths that bring back 80s classics, such as Roland Juno. Tennessee sounds pretty much a nostalgic track about rural life far away from the cities with a big touch of trip-hop.

The synth pads recall classics such as Tangerine Dream and Vangelis with his Yamaha CS70. It would be dark music if it wasn’t for his soft voice and mellow lyrics. Joshua Worden is an Atlanta based artist and composer, highly influenced by R&B/Trip-Hop, with a background education in English literature and Jazz Guitar. His upcoming EP will be called ‘Cinders‘ and is expected soon this 2018. About ‘Cinders’ he says:

“These songs, these ideas, they were cinders… They were always burning slowly under my day to day. It just took a really long time for them to finally come to light.The lyrics of the songs, I think those are fairly ambiguous,” he observes. “I think they could mean different things to different people.”

It is also possible to stream his new single Tennessee in Spotify.

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