Chill: Bonsai Mammal – Alligator

Bonsai Mammal is the electronic project of self-titled debut EP from Jimmy Harry, Los Angeles based producer and golden globe winner. Jimmy has been producing pop music for artists such as P!nk and Kylie Minogue. A lover of electronic music himself, started the project while doing late night jams. According to him:

“I just wanted to make something beautiful and lush. Something to shut the world out a bit. I really enjoy writing pop songs, but I also love taking a genre vacation to create music that lives outside that world. I began experimenting and recording different ideas and then developing some of these when I had the chance. And after recording a few songs, it seemed like they had taken on a life of their own. I started playing them for a bunch of my friends and collaborators who were extremely enthusiastic. Thus Bonsai Mammal was born.”

The track is very chill, as much as for the whole EP, with some electronic and pop characteristics, such as for Feel it All. Well, Jimmy Harry is another proof that pop music producer aren’t necessarily limited to commercial songs. But they are also versatile professionals with love for music that cross genre limitations, such as the one imposed by pop, big labels and the industry itself.

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