Downtempo: Northbound – Last to Leave

Last to Leave is another track that came to us from Finland. Northbound is a project from producer Mikko Roisko, Helsinki based. The track is part of their EP Overgrown, recently released and available for streaming in Spotify, Soundcloud (embedded) and for purchase in Bandcamp.

According to Mikko:

Northbound creates mostly instrumental music that’s very melodic, organic, beautiful and sometimes haunting. ”Bonobo meets Gustavo Santaolalla” would perhaps give some rough idea what to expect from the new EP, ”Overgrown”.

The track is very chill, having 4:50 of primal sound design, sounding purely organic, including strings and drums that are combined with imposing synths. Showing the skills of Mikko as a sound designer besides producer. The whole EP itself is pretty interesting as a whole, with many instrumentals that are worth listening, not being limited to Last to Leave itself.

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