Ambient-Pop: Imre Elzer – WE’VE BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE

Nice chord progressions and touchy vocals. As I always write in this blog, there are no limits to the invention of new sub-genres. With Imre Elzer and his WE’VE BEEN HERE FOR A WHILE, producer/songwriter based in the pretty Nijmegen, here in the Netherlands, we come across what can be called Ambient-Pop, this is traditional dance music, with long synth pads, four the floor beats and a mellow vocal, that is a great match for a comfortable, yet melancholic rainy afternoon, as much as it is perfect for an underground night club, in the lounge dance-floor, full of drunk people that is enjoying the night for so long so much and cannot go back home with so many nice songs, so they say “we’ve been here for a while”.

The track is part of the album Pommes Car, recently self-released, it deserves to be fully listened if you like that track, soon to be added in Chilling in Eden.

You can also check his Bandcamp page:

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