New Chill: Smok-Mon – Serotonin

Serotonin is purely chill. A combination of minimum electronica, beats and resonant synth chords that are ideal for a rainy afternoon with a cup of coffee. It is part of Smok-Mon‘s newest album 05:09.

The whole album in total has 7 tracks. Released by Beat Bordell Records/ SIFTW Records, in streaming and as 12′ vinyl. Both sides are very similar sonically speaking, except for two tracks featuring Lorentzo Jönsson‘s voice in Sthlm and 05:09.

Smok-Mon with an indie-pop background in Gothenburg, a city with renowned bands such as Little Dragon. A lover of dirty-beats, Smok-Mon evolved to his style of minimum electronica. His studio work is executed with a modular synthesizer and an old-school sampler. With which he creates his deep and mellow bass lines  summed by its soft rhythm.

05:09 comes out as his debut album, representing a journey through the lost youth, lost love, lost lives and nights. Throughout this journey, he lets his 808 fill the background layers, as his moog bass and modular synth execute the groovy harmony. The album was mixed by Smok-Mon himself and mastered by Andreas Tilliander.

This album is ideal for both fans of dance as much as lo-fi. You can stream the whole album by Spotify (embedded).

You can purchase the vinyl following this link:


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