New Music: Gobblebit – Rarer Fraction

Rarer Fraction is the first track of Vermit. Debut EP of Melbourne based producer Gobblebit. The track has a dense texture, almost distorted at the begging, that lingers for a while before it is summed by intense beats, slightly reverberated. I’d say that this track is split into two different parts, in which the first is dense, dark and monotonous, while the second is marked by a more complex use of brighter synth layers and beats. The song evolves and grows with the time, ending in its apex.

Vermit has in total 4 tracks, none of them too long but all with them providing the same feeling, overall. Tracks marked by punctuated beats with interesting layers of synthesizers, such as Little Heart.

Gobblebit has grown in Midwest USA and learned electronic music on a DOS computer with an old tracker software. In theory, making music is just one thing, it doesn’t matter if you are programming a software that is being used as a music instrument, it can only evolve to more complex ways of composition that are not limited to a DOS tracker software. Exposed to the world of electronic music making, but without proper equipment and a local scene to support him, Gobblebit started to make video games.  However, without drawing the attention of videogame’s industry as he once did, he returned to making electronic music 20 years later.

According to him, his influences shift from Squarepusher to The Legend of Zelda, in which he mixes nostalgic synthesizers, melodic percussion, modern, and clean elements.

You can stream the EP on Soundcloud and Spotify, as embedded.

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