New Single: laxcity – Introvert (feat. H/\rvey)

Introvert (feat. H/\rvey) has been recently released 23rd March, through Majestic Casual.

Zambia-born and UK based Joshua Manasseh Mbewe, a.k.a. Laxcity has been ‘making his own kind of music’ as Mama’s and Papa’s would sing, for four years. A producer that is a big fan of Harmor from Image Line and the widespread FL Studio. A powerful virtual synthesizer. Experimenting with several different genres of music, ended up constituting his own singular style.  I’d say that he has a very chill style, that flerts with pop, ambient/lo-fi, trip hop and chillstep.

The You Tube channel Czech Vibes has created a music video for Introvert, embedded here.

However, for those who are Spotify clients (I swear I’m not paid by them, unfortunately, I just like their service), I’d suggest you to check his profile, he is pretty famous there, with some singles to be saved. We will certainly add Introvert to Chilling in Eden this Thursday.

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