Ambient: Tortusa/Breistein – Ceiling Filled With Water

Another remarkable ambient track sent from Norway.  Ceiling Filled With Water is the combination of two artists, Tortusa/Breinstein. The track is part of the album Mind Vessel released 16th March by the jazz label Jazzland Recordings. The duo was nominated for the Spellemann Award (Norwegian version of Grammy) for their last album in 2016. It is possible to affirm that this duo gets the best from both worlds of Jazz and Electronic Music.

Tortusa (John Derek Bishop) is an ambient artist that gathered with saxophonist Inge W. Breistein. After releasing the album “I Know This Place – The Eiving Aarset Collages” (2016) by Jazzland Recordings they returned to another collaboration. The whole album itself is a collage of saxophone recordings that are sampled and processed by hardware and software. Largely improvised, the album mixes partially composed melodies with rhythmic repetitions typical of electronic music.

Another interesting fact about the recording process behind Mind Vessel is the fact that recording sections were executed in different rooms of a Cultural Centre and former beer brewery Tou Scene in Stavanger. The acoustics of those rooms is an important factor to this album’s ambience, as much as harmony and melodies itself.

The duo is touring Norway, England and Germany to release the album. On stage they vary between playing improvised stretches and composed songs. Some of the saxophone played in the concerts are also spontaneously sampled and used as part of the live performance. In addition to pre-recorded material. Breistein also experiments with effects to extend the sound of his saxophone, just like a guitarist with his pedals.

Tortusa is also responsible for the album’s visual arts.

The whole album explores the limits of sound design in music, playing with sampling and recording, the final result is just great.

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