Editorial: Synths of Eden – March Soundcloud Playlist (62 tracks)

March has been the busiest Month since the website started. The blog is growing and growing in numbers of followers in Soundcloud and Twitter, I am glad about it. And as every decision is political, I am officially declaring here my decisions to boycott some social media networks as this blog’s editor, something that has been done since I started Synths of Eden.

As it’s been done every month since the blog started, our March Soundcloud playlist features all the songs covered as blog posts or just shared in our Soundcloud page. In total 62 tracks, an almost endless playlist for you to enjoy the greatest tracks curated by Synths of Eden.

Facebook and Instagram are abandoned by the blog, at least in FB it keeps with automatic posting, thanks to WordPress machines. However, I should state that I am very disgusted by Facebook as a company and as a platform itself for a long time. I don’t use it, not even as personal profile. We receive a lot of traffic from there, thanks to people who share the blog’s links in their pages, and I am grateful for that. Yet, I don’t have a personal profile since 2017, as editor of this blog I am not logging in to check its page, I am no longer going to pay anything to this company (I tried as an experiment) and I am not going to spend any quality time there. As most of the traffic comes from USA, I should state that it has nothing to do with the USA’s elections and Kremlin’s influence there (as Jim Carrey stated in his Twitter), it’s not the point. This is an ‘universal’ problem and company’s such as Facebook don’t own “the internet” (Morozov, E. The Net Delusion, 2011) and should stop playing with politics, extreme-right wing groups, fake news and post-truth democracy all around, it’s a consequence of irresponsible business decisions coming from Silicon Valley and that is poisoning the whole world, not to say criminally. I deny being manipulated by those behaviourist experiments with likes and shares over there, as this company explicitly plays with people’s brains and productive time (besides the fact that those mechanisms also exist in Soundcloud and Twitter, which I’m pretty active).

For me, it exists a lot of egocentrism in Instagram, a kind of ‘a trip to egomania’ with narcissist and snobs showing off their whole lives in exchange for empty ‘likes’ (neuro-dopamine and all its effects). I even wish I could keep posting every artist being shared here (of course it helps with the promotion), especially those with nice artworks, but it consumes a big time and it hardly attracts people to leave the platform itself and access the blog to read what’s is really being written here, it’s a crap for bloggers, differently than Twitter, that is more welcoming for platforms such as Synths of Eden. In the sense that everything is a trade-off and for a blog that is managed by a single person, choices have to be made, so I am focusing to use only Twitter and Soundcloud as “social medias”.  In addition to Spotify playlists. I know many people use YouTube as a way to listen music, however I am not very familiar with the platform apart from just watching videos, much of the criticism towards Facebook can also be applied to Google itself as well, but in different ways.

P.S: I also want to post older music, rather than only new music, I just received too much nice premium submissions by Submithub and I just can’t leave them unnoticed.

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