Experimental: Karakter – Digital Self

After all my critics to online communication and some social media companies written today in the editorial, a song that is talking about ‘Digital Self‘. Nothing more appropriate. The song was produced by Karakter, artist from Valencia, Spain. The track is part of the EP Create Your Own Karakter, which tells the story of three different characters, as expressed by its art cover. Besides Digital Self, there are also other tracks such as Grass and Chimp Up.

Digital Self is an experiment with long synth lines, glitch sounds and drums. It is a four minutes track worth listening. It reminds pretty much Flying Lotus, it is electronic music on a slow tempo, with drops of experimentation and audacity when producing music. The sound design is finely selected, each synth sound is summed by refined production techniques. This is for sure not more of the same, the whole EP launched by Karakter represents high class electronic music.

It is possible to stream Karakter’s song in his Spotify profile here.

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