Electro-Indie: Sgmaniak – Fire

Well, after all who needs a big label to make great music? Not saying that money doesn’t help a lot of course. But, a self recorded production can overcome many expensive productions out there. Fire is a single from Sgmaniak producer from Nashville, USA. It is a mixture of retro synths, with interesting rhythms, programmed by a 808 drum machine. Fire is a single from his debut album No Sleep, the single has been released with other track A Frozen Place. Fire has interesting synthesizer arps and a ‘heart-wrenching ending’, as it was called by the producer himself. The song reaches its peak after the chorus and drops to an almost orchestral middle-end to conclude completely uniquely. A track like Sommarvisa reminds Jeff Buckley and his singular voice.

You can already stream the whole album No Sleep in Spotify, it is highly recommendable if you like electronic-indie with a Jeff Buckley vibe:

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