Experimetal: BNNY RBBT – I Hate Love

With this badly written internet-like quote we discover BNNY RBBT:

“Guys, just couple months ago I go to yard sale where I find old school camcorder bag. Inside was random weird items and VHS tape. And on VHS tape I discover something that changed my life forever… BNNY RBBT!!! The most amazing musician I ever hear!!

So I set up youtubes chanel and website try to find more music from him. After awhile Big World song submitted by fan and now — BREAKING NEWS!!! — a new BNNY RBBT song and video has been found. Song is called “Bombs” and is super magical and strange but beautiful!! I know BNNY RBBT fans will love.

Please to share on you blogs!??


When I said this blog supports original material, some artists around the world take it very seriously when they send us tracks. I Hate Love by BNNY RBBT is something extremely hard to define, but pretty. Overall it sounds pretty much like progressive-rock, with a big influence of pop music, sung with a soft voice and followed in the end by an interesting synthesizer. It is indeed well produced and doesn’t particularly fits into a specific genre, which is good, I like it.

Artistically speaking it goes beyond music itself, as BNNY RBBY is a factious character, artist. Therefore, there is not much information about in its official pages except for some quotes about him being:

A giant animal singer (probably 7 foot tall?) who sings like angel and was last seen in 1990s”

It’s official website looks like something from the beginning of the internet, those times where you used to ‘surf’ on dial up connections and read HTML websites. Maybe not the most pop artist you will listen, also it doesn’t sound pretty much from the 90s, otherwise it would be heavy rock, something grunge or highly pop. There are quite a few YouTube videos about this artist, as much as several pictures in Instagram. According to Spotify itself, those songs were really produced in the 90s. Well, truth or not it is something original and highly interesting that can be listened to. I’m leaving here embedded a link to its Spotify profile besides Soundcloud.


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