(Nu) Disco: Satin Jackets – Through The Night (feat. David Harks)

“I don’t need your love but it feels so fine,
It’s the way that you’ve been loving me,
Through the night”

Through the Night is the newest collaboration between German producer Satin Jacket (Tim Bernhardt) and Berlin-based British singer David Harks. This new collaborative work is following last summer’s ‘Northern Lights’. A mild late night track, proper for dance clubs, lounge atmosphere of dance and drinks. As mentioned above, this is (nu) disco, with warm synthesizer, aided by funky rhythms, but at the same time highly atmospheric, the voice of David Harks summed by Satin Jacket’s production will lead you to your inner dance floors, where you can dance with closed eyes, no matter where you are. The track has been released 16th March, by Eskimo Recordings.

“Working with David has been great! After the amazing success of ‘Northern Lights’ we were bound to do a follow-up. The two of us are quite different in terms of working styles so I feel this is a perfect case of how opposites can attract.” – TIM BERNHARDT (SATIN JACKETS)

“It’s about being loved by someone and how it feels to be loved. Moreover it’s about how we can survive without that love or shape it and use it to suit our needs, “I don’t need your love but it feels so fine”. I wanted to create a song that explored these feelings but that you can also drop hot’n’heavy on the dance floor and Tim came in with his thick warm production and just took it to that next level.” – DAVID HARKS

You can check all the releases from Eskimo Recordings in their Soundcloud page. Also, Satin Jackets has been highly popular in Spotify (embedded) far-reaching millions of streamings in the past months.

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