Ambient: Lyne – Prelude

London based producer Lyne wrote this track around an year ago, while living in the countryside. According to the artist, this was a kind of self-discovery recording process, when Lyne felt completely lost in the music, intimidated by the beauty of such a composition. The picture that illustrates the record was shot in La Verne, Italy, by Nicholas Lyne.

The song is actually short, what is rather unusual for ambient music. It sounds pretty much like a prelude for what can be an entire project. It brings into memory the feelings represented by a ‘prelude’, the start of a long journey, whose ending is unknown.  Interesting rhythms, marked as mysterious drums and ethereal glitches that appear once in a while during this almost three minutes of a ‘prelude’ contemplation.

It is possible to purchase the track by Bandcamp, as embedded here. Also, you can stream it on Soundcloud.

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