VCV Rack/Modular: Inconsolable – Time_Controlled_Organism

An ambient track that draw my attention, not the most typical synthesized sounds, obviously that could have been done by a modular rack, which is more impressive is the fact that this is a free modular software called VCV Rack, which I started to try myself after that, not an easy thing to do. The whole track Inconsolable was composed by this virtual modular synthesizer.

According to Time_Controlled_Organism, producer from Paris, France, the track was influenced by IDM and the Berlin School, it is dedicated to his mère, evoking nostalgia and sadness.

Experimental: Jimmy – Smile

“I tried to throw myself into the fucked-up dream that is the opioid epidemic in the United States and capture what I could of its hazy and ironically self-destructive fantasy.”

Well, this track impress me. I don’t have a genre to classify this, it would be a kind of progressive rock with an influence of stoner rock and many other things. Highly well produced. I will not say much, I’ll leave it to yourselves to judge. According to Jimmy, about his newest track Smile:

“I didn’t write Smile because I’d found any answers and writing it hasn’t afforded me any catharsis. Smile is simply a reaction to the corporations who perpetuate addiction as a pillar of business, to all the trendy marketing campaigns of the tobacco, alcohol, and pharmaceutical industries with their side effects in fine print or sped-up voice-overs, and the innocent souls on the other side of a rigged transaction.”

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Electropop: Hollowlove – Diamond Mine

After four days of rest, time to get back with the best synthesized sounds recently released in songs. This track has superb bass lines, combined by long synth pads and other synth layers, such as sequencers. All of this, topped by vocals inspired by Sade. Another interesting part of this song is the creative use of rhythms that don’t limit to the usual kick, hats, claps and snares, exploring more wooden type of percussion, with an added reverberation as a “spice”.

In total 7 minutes of another great original sound that is worth being shared by this blog.

Diamond Mine is the fifth single from Canada Hollowlove, released 26th April. The track originally had 3:40 minutes, as a single, and received this special full length/extended version. It is available for streaming in Spotify, Bandcamp and Soundcloud (as embedded).

Hollowlove is an electropop project from Keith Gillard and Ryan Slemko of Fidgital. The track was mastered by Brian Hazard at Resonance Mastering.

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Plus, there’s an YouTube video:

Lo-Fi: Shook – Wind On The Water

This track will be featured in our lo-fi playlist Chilling in Eden, click to listen it and follow for more.

This song is chill and bucolic just like watching the waves caused by the harsh wind on the water, almost zen. As if in an imaginary microuniverse you could surf in the huge waves of an otherwise calm river or lake, as if in that micromoment of mindfulness, the universe is bigger than what your mind can grasp and that single moment is deeper and bigger than a simple Wind On The Water.

Shook is Jasper, a Dutch artist, and his latest single just came out this 24th April. It is the first single of an upcoming album, Bicycle Ride, expected for June, 2018. The album is already available for pre-order in Bandcamp. Meanwhile you can listen his earlier tracks in Spotify.

Avant-Garde/Jazz: Kaos Protokoll – SunRaColtraneSolar (Feat. Mr.Are.Dot)

The track is a lysergic narrative about SunRa and Coltrane, that turns out to be as trippier as it can be while it lasts for 5:30. It intercalates voice with keys, synthesizers, Rhodes and bass.

Kaos Protokoll is a band from Bern, Switzerland and SunRaColtraneSolar features Mr.Are.Dot. The track has been released today by Prolog Records. Their sound is marked by a blend of jazz and electronic music elements that hardly fit any music genre I’ve been acquainted with. Therefore, we add that label “jazz/avant-garde” just to make sure it’s not highly commercial and it’s not crazy enough to be labelled ‘experimental’ as there are some jazz elements in the middle, which bring the clear reference to SunRa and Coltrane. In a nutshell, the track is a superb combination of narrative, drums and jazz instrumentals combined with synthesizers and definitely cannot go unnoticed in this blog.

For a small sample of Kaos Protokoll live performance, check the video of New Chapter:

Kaos Protokoll is:

Simon Spiess (Sax/basskl.)
Luzius Schuler (Rhodes, Synths)
Flo Reichle (Drums, Electronics)
Benedikt Wieland (Bass, Synth)

SunRaColtraneSolar will be part of their new forthcoming EP, named New Chapter.

New Release: Roz Yuen – Confession

This release will turn you on with its sensual lyrics while it will cause you to fly with its ethereal sound design, a very personal and intimate track but human after all. Roz Yuen, not without a reason, called the track Confession, a confession she’s composed, recorded and is singing to all of us, a confession we all can make.

The track will take part of her new forthcoming EP. She composed Confessions in her home town Melbourne, recalling her memories of London. Though the track has been fully realised in Berlin, where she’s based now.

A clear whispered conversation with an ex-lover and all the emotional consequences that follow up a relationship. The dialogue shares a space with silence.

You can also stream the track in Spotify as embedded.


Vinyl: Smok-Mon – 05:09

After featuring Smok-Mon and his chill track Serotonin, it’s time to write a remind post about how nice the whole album is, specially when you can hear it in vinyl that came directly from Gothenburg. In total 7 tracks of minimum and chill electronic sounds, besides, the art cover is amazing, representing some synthesizers such as Teenage Engineering OP-1 and a Snorlax costume. Plus, amazing vocals from Lorentzo Jönsson.

You can purchase the 12′ vinyl in Beat Bordell Records/ SIFTW Records website:

Hip-Hop/beats: Meister Lampe – Huang Shan

Swiss dj, producer and beatmaker Meister Lampe and his track Huang Shan shows how beatmakers can be highly creative when combining different elements with their beats, which is the case for this track and the use of Chinese vocals (I guess). Summed by this nice illustration, Huang Shan cannot go unnoticed.

This seem to be the case for other Meister Lampe’s tracks. The whole album Orb has 9 tracks and has the same fusion vibe, with groovy beats and oriental vocals, African and Latin influences (the whole world in a single album), I highly recommend Marsala as well. It’s also available in vinyl, besides digital.  In a nutshell, the whole album is a must listen if you enjoy the style.

Retrowave: Mellow Fields – From Great Heights

After L CON, another great track coming from Canada. Mellow Fields is an artist producing retrowave/synthwave tracks, but that sounds pretty original at the same time, with drops of lo-fi elements and fast bass lines. From Great Heights is a purely instrumental track. Also available in digital streaming platforms, a great fit for our playlist Synthwave in Eden. It ends and finishes with a subtle use of field recordings.

Illustration done by: Derek Rudy

The track ends the homonymous 5 tracks EP of Mellow Fields. It is available for purchase in Bandcamp.

Avant-Pop: L CON – You Were Right

“About two hours north of Toronto, there’s a studio nestled in the woods where you can go to write and record, free from distraction. It’s co-owned by Lisa Conway, a writer, musician and composer who makes kinetic avant-pop music under the name L CON”

I love songs with nice synthesizer melodies, finely crafted sound design, summed by amazing vocals. The whole song was performed, written, arranged and produced by L CON (Lisa Conway), except for the Saxophone, that was performed by Karen Ng.

You Were Right is the first single of her forthcoming album, Insecurities in Being.

Lisa Conway has composed music for performance artists, film-makers and dancers, but it’s her solo work that better expresses her artistic world views. You Were Right shows Lisa’s skills as a producer and composer, that is not limited to synthesizers, but also open for organic instruments. Needless to say that her vocals are also an important part of her music.

You can also stream it by Spotify.