Post-Rock: Circuit Saga – Gemini

Circuit Saga is a producer from Nashville, USA, that has recently released his first single Gemini in 9th March. This is an instrumental project that mixes electric guitars with synthesizers. His influences range from ‘Explosions in the Sky’ to ‘Tycho’. Moreover, the single also provides nice drums from beginning to end, it doesn’t sound like a drum-machine but as a true drummer. The combination of guitars drums and synths remind me the sound signature of Mogwai. It is those kind of music you listen and can feel at home and yet try to grasp unique textures.

Circuit Saga is a ‘one-person band’ by Chase Gregory exploring a solo-career as musician. But has been collaborating with other artists from Nashville, such as alt-pop Lukr and psych-rock band Jagular, besides other local bands. This whole mixture consolidates Circuit Saga as a kind of alt-pop, kind of psych-rock, kind of electronic. This is what many people call post-rock. Well, after all, it doesn’t matter genre categories. In a nutshell, this is very inspiring and let’s hope Circuit Saga will be releasing new material soon.

You can also stream it on Spotify.


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