Retro-Electronic: lo-fi ROBOT boy – Steel Machine Man

We have covered here before Automat and Cybotron. So, if you are a fan of electronic music from the 70s, this new release from lo-fi ROBOT boy will make you smile. Steel Machine Man has some synth arps that remind Giorgio Morodor during the 70s, plus the 707 drums, this is italo-disco style summed by drops of synth ambient.

For sure Pink Floyd and Jean-Michel Jarre is a big influence to lo-fi ROBOT boy. According to this Canadian music producer from Salt Spring Island, British Columbia this track would be a reunion between Richard Wright (the solos specially) and Jean-Michel Jarre himself. A big fan of synthesizers, the instruments used to compose this track were: Roland SH-2000, Juno-6, Juno-106, TR-707 drum machine, & a Technics K-350 analogue string synth on his home-studio The Robot Lab. His songs are released by Pink Dolphin Music in the UK.

He recently released in September 2017 a new album called Music for Toys  and later on in October another one called Synth Music for the 90s, also available as a limited cassette version. Quite a productive year for him 2017.

Below you’ll find his Spotify profile.

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